The 100 Year Locust

THE 100 YEAR LOCUST is a sci-fantasy action adventure RPG where the player investigates an abandoned factory on a distant planet. Using her aerial glaive, Alula is able to control the trajectory of the thrown weapon to single-handedly vanquish robot armies who seek to obstruct her journey.

1 Player | PC | September 2017 - April 2018


Delve into a cathedral-like factory filled with terrors in this action adventure RPG! Face off against Yonten, a distraught and tortured scientist who has reawakened a machine he cannot control.


The 100 Year Locust Overview

In The 100 Year Locust, my goal was to make unobtrusive, minimalistic UI that had all the pieces of a narrative-driven RPG.

The 100 Year Locust Skill Tree

Skill Tree

For each skill, the Skill Tree provides a noticeable difference to gameplay. Our design team wanted to avoid simple damage increase that would have been imperceptible, especially in a game where enemies don't have health bars and are defeated in 1-2 hits. Thus, each skill is a new move, such as the magnetic trajectory which pulls enemies towards the player's glaive when thrown.

Because all the skills are distinctly different and visibly obvious, I implemented videos for all the abilities in the Skill Tree so that players could see an example of what this skill would do and better judge its power.

The 100 Year Locust Audio Logs

Audio Logs

Scattered throughout the game are old logs Yonten, the antagonist, has left strewn about. It tells the story of what happened and how he became the power-mad villain Alula finds him to be. The Audio Log menu saves the logs the player finds throughout their journey and allows them to go back and replay them with a transcript.

The 100 Year Locust Audio Logs


Emmeline Estrampes - UI/UX Designer
Emilio Pujadas - Producer, Level Designer
Carlie Olson - Design Lead, Gameplay Programmer, System Designer
Mark Smith - Tech Lead, Tech Artist
Rebecca Mayfield - Tools Programmer, Tech Artist
Stefan Lande - AI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Jonjo Fourie - Art Director, Concept Artist
Emily Skopp - Illustrator, Concept Artist
Christopher Spindel - Environment Artist, 3D Modeler
Sophia Abouzeid - Rigger, Animator
Caroline Zanchetta - Character Artist, 3D Modeler
Nathan Messana - VFX Artist, Tech Artist
Grant Leeder - Texture Artist
Michael Garner - Audio Lead, Composer, Sound Designer
Ian Kole - Audio Engineering

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